How To Set Windows 7 To Automatically Log On

It’s very simple to have Windows automatically log on to a particular user account whenever Windows starts.

Run netplwiz (Start/Run, press Windows Key+R, or run it from a command prompt), make sure the user you want as default is selected under “Users for this computer:”, uncheck “Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer.” and press “OK”, enter the password, if any, associated with the displayed user, and click “OK”.

Now Windows will not give you the option to choose an account to log on to at start up, but you can still log on to/switch to another account via the Start button.

This works for Windows 7 Pro, but may work for other versions as well. Please leave a comment it you’ve tried these steps on another version of Windows, successful or not.


Installing XAMPP To A Drive Other Than Windows’ Default

If you install XAMPP to a drive other than the one Windows is installed on, e.g., D:\, and you’re using the compressed version (.zip or .7z) instead of the Installer (.exe), make sure to run setup_xampp.bat. You probably won’t be able to start the MySQL service if you don’t.

This applies to Windows 7 MCE x64 & XAMPP 1.8.1. This may or may not apply to other OS’es and/or versions of XAMPP.